Searching For An Order

Users can search for an order using the dashboard console. You will be able to search for orders by email, purchaser name, or order ID. 

Purchase Details

When you select the order from the search page, users are able to see additional information pertaining to the order:

  • Order number - Unique number assigned to the order
  • Purchase date - The date which the purchase was made
  • Experience date - For pre-ordered items, this will be the date that the ticket, parking, etc that the order was made for
  • Primary email - The email address used to make the purchase
  • Total price - Total price in USD paid by the traveler
  • Payment - Last digits of the credit card used
  • Status - Will show whether the order is active or canceled

In addition to key details about the purchase, the purchase details view of the management console will also allow a user to facilitate necessary customer service tasks:

  • Resend the booking confirmation email to the traveler
  • Reproduce the tickets 
  • Cancel an order

Comment History

Should a traveler require multiple interactions with customer service agents, the comment history section allows users to leave comments made or inquiries about order so that all customer service agents can see the history and provide the best level of customer support to the traveler.