Here you can find some answers to some frequently asked questions about  Data Security and Compliance.

Are you GDPR compliant?

  • Yes

What do you do with the passenger data? Do you share it with other airlines? Sell it for marketing purposes?

  • Passenger data is passed into our Machine Learning model to allow for our systems to learn passenger trends, and improve future recommendations to drive conversion and attach rates;
  • The passenger data is anonymized before it even hits this Machine Learning layer, so there is not any personally identifiable information that is shared externally;
  • We do not sell passenger data for marketing purposes.

How do you process payments? Where do you store Credit Cards?

  • We use a 3rd party payment provider called Stripe which is one of the most trusted payment providers available on the market today. Credit card information is passed directly from the customer to Stripe when fulfilling payments, and we do not store the customer credit card information at any point along the journey.

Are you NDC compliant? Do you support NDC?

  • At this time, no, we are not NDC compliant

Are you PCI compliant? 

  • Yes