Our pre-built, lightweight Android and iOS app can be themed, branded and shipped within a day. The Guestlogix White Label deployment is one of the quickest deployment options as it only requires a few steps to customize before being rolled out to the appropriate app store.


To add the look and feel of your brand to your White Label App, you will need to provide your Guestlogix Implementations Engineer with the following:

  • App Icon- This is the image that will appear for your app on the mobile devices of travelers.
    • Requirements:
      • Square image
      • 1024px x 1024px or larger
  • Logo- Your company's logo will appear in a few places within your app, so you will need to supply two sizes.
    • Requirements:
      • Both in landscape orientation
      • One logo that is 840px in height
      • Another logo that it 1260px in height
  • Primary and secondary colors - These will be used for various elements like buttons and links.
    • Requirements:
      • 2 colors - one primary and one secondary
      • Suitable for use on a white background (no very light colors)
      • RGB or HEX codes

Content Configuration

Provide your Guestlogix Implementations Engineer with up to 10 top destinations that your airline flies to and we will use this info to configure your app so that that the right content gets prioritized in the user interface. 

Providing our system with some destinations of interest will act as seed data for our Recommendation Engine to ensure a better experience on day one for travelers using your mobile app. We encourage airlines to further customize the starter content to seed further recommendations in areas such as:

  • Crew picks
  • Top-rated activities
  • Highlighted activities

Authentication and Traveler Identification

The Guestlogix White Label application offers Login with Google support out of the box. Further authentication options are available upon request.

App Store Rollout

Apple App Store

To ensure a seamless deployment and update process, the Gueslogix Implementations team will manage App Store deployments on your behalf. 

First, you will need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an organization. Once your enrollment has been approved, you will need to add Guestlogix as an Admin in App Store Connect.

The Guestlogix team will then manage the White Label App distribution on your behalf. 

Helpful Resources: Apple App Store Connect Process.

Google Play Store

Similar to the Apple App Store, the Guestlogix Implementations team will manage your Google Play deployments on your behalf.

First, you will need to set up a developer account and add Guestlogix as an Admin in your Play Console.

The Guestlogix team will then manage the White Label App distribution on your behalf.

Helpful Resources: Google Play Launch Overview