We have three deployment options available:

  1. White Label App 

    • Our pre-built lightweight Android and IOS app is perfect for airlines who do not have an existing mobile app solution. Easily themable and deployable to the app store within 30 days. Built with our high quality native components, you can be sure it will perform to any user need.

  2. SDK

    • Our SDK comes ready Out Of The Box (OOTB) with a fully featured UI Kit, app flows, and a payment module to get you up and running with the Guestlogix content catalog in as little as 30 minutes. For a more customized solution, the UI Kit comes in a modular state to allow you to “slice and dice” different pieces of the Guestlogix UI to integrate more seamlessly with your existing app user experience. (Ex. Having a personalized content catalog on the main screen of your app, next to the “find a flight” form). Our Customer Success team will work closely with your team through this process to ensure the best implementation for your application and your passengers;

  3. API

    • If you are looking for an API integration, we can set you up with our solutions team to review your goals with the API integration and determine a timeline that would be appropriate. Projects can range from 7 days to 90 days, but will be heavily dependent on how feature rich you would like the final implementation.