We make it easy for airlines to drive ancillary revenue through every stage of the customer journey at Guestlogix. Our Travel Personalization Platform transforms the travel experience by leveraging AI to offer an extensive inventory of personalized, high-demand and custom curated content - including offers for pre, during and post travel - through an intuitive, customer centric interface.

This enables ancillary teams to quickly implement revenue generating initiatives that won’t get bogged down in IT because they seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Best of all, ancillary teams can leverage the platform to optimize the performance of existing supplier relationships.

You can get a variety of features when choosing Guestlogix. Here's an overview:


  • Traveler API - This represents all resources and actions that a web-based client would need. Functionality such as browsing a catalog, orders, viewing flights, wish list, etc.
  • Partner API - This represents the global company level tooling that an administrator of an API or SDK implementation may need. The Management Console provides a user interface for this, however, sometimes it's useful to be able to programmatically administer the tool via the API directly.

Mobile SDKs

  • SDK Core - Our mobile SDKs are an extension of our REST APIs. They surface a subset of our API data models and attributes. Available in native iOS and Android SDKs.

  • SDK UI Kit - Provides an easy way to upgrade your existing mobile app to include Guestlogix functionality. The UI Kit is open-sourced and provides modular flows that cover the entire user journey, from browsing all the way until purchase, order history and cancellation.

  • SDK Example App - This repository provides an example of the UI kit and Core SDKs in action. Your team can reference this implementation as best practice when considering the Guestlogix implementation.

Guestlogix sources suppliers and our content is available to all customers. Guestlogix can also look to accommodate existing supplier relationships. This includes, but is not limited to: tours, activities, events, hotels, parking, ground transportation, restaurant, travel insurance, and virtual goods (lounges, jump the line, etc.).

Recommendation Engine
A real-time system that utilizes the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology to provide Guestlogix customers with a means to offer content to travelers that is unique to them based on attributes like traveler information, flight details, past browsing behaviors, past purchases, location, etc.

Management Console
The Guestlogix management console is web-based and supports the functionality found in our API and SDKs. This provides standard platform administration functions of configuration, reporting, analytic capabilities, user management, and purchase support.


Guestlogix acts as the Merchant of Record for all transactions on our platform and payment processing capabilities are handled by Stripe.